Native planting is a great way to create a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape. If you are looking to transform your lawn with native planting, then contact Ecoscapes! See how we can use our landscaping expertise and knowledge of the area to plan and plant native plants in your landscape. Once we are done, you will be left with a beautiful landscape designed with native plants from the Western North Carolina area. Fill out the form now to request a consultation.

Rhododendron in Western North carolinaNative planting (or naturescaping), is when you select plants the grow naturally in the area. This results in a low-maintenance lawn because these plants have evolved to grow under the local conditions. Not only does native planting reduce the amount of maintenance needed, but these plants do not require fertilizers and they are not prone to diseases that many nursery plants are.

Benefits of Native Planting

There are many benefits of naturecaping. Below you will find some of the top reasons:

  • Low Maintenance – These plants have evolved to grow in local conditions, and thus don’t need the extra pesticides, fertilizers, or additional watering that nursery plants may need.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Traditional landscaping uses large about of pesticides and fertilizers, which end up in the public water supplies. A lot of these chemicals have carcinogens, which can lead to cancer.
  • Saves Money – Less maintenance means a lower cost for landscaping. These plants essentially take care of themselves, which gives you more free time and more money!
  • Rudbekia is native to western north carolinaWater – In the beautiful area of Western North Carolina, we don’t have any drought concerns, but if you are not on a well, then the cost of water usage can add up. Native planting is drought-prone areas is critical to keep water usage down.
  • Longevity – Since non-native plants are more susceptible to disease, they have a higher probability of death before a native plant would.
  • Preserves Habitats – Native planting provides habitats for wildlife and encourages the presence of native insects and other microorganisms, which keeps the whole ecosystem balanced.

Designing your Native Plant Landscape

Mountain Laurel in Brevard North CarolinaFirst, we assess your property’s environmental conditions like:

  • Soil Type
  • Poor or adequate drainage
  • Shady or sunny spots

Then we take inventory of the existing native plants in the area. This helps us establish a landscape that works together. Once we have these items documented, we work with you to decide the types of plants you would like to see in the area and offer suggestions to ones that would thrive in your lawn. We understand it is worth our time to analyze your lawn and match species to site conditions, as well as your personal preference.

Once we have these different elements, it’s time to hit the drawing board. We will then design a landscape plan for you to approve before we get started. Once we have the green light, we do all the heavy lifting and start designing your lawn with the local plants we have agreed upon. Here are some of the top native plants to North Carolina.

Fill out the form now and lets get started on naturescaping your lawn!