If you are constantly worrying about what heavy rainfall is going to do to your yard, home, and property, our services are perfect for you. Heavy rainfall (which is very common to our area) can cause big puddles, soil erosion, and mosquito breeding grounds if your property isn’t set up to handle it properly. Luckily, Ecoscapes can improve your drainage problems by setting up a rain garden. Fill out the form to request a quote now!

A rain garden is basically a plant pond, that is, a garden bed designed to channel water away from your home into a useful collecting area. This is a labor-intensive process, so let us do the heavy lifting. Ecoscapes will plan, dig, and plant the most effective plants based on your unique yard needs. When we’re done with your landscape, you will have a superb rainwater collection area that is functional and beautiful.

Reach out to Ecoscapes today to design a rain garden or any other type of drainage system. Fill out the form now to get started!


New Rain Catcher in front yard garden in BrevardFirst, our Ecoscape experts will identify the areas of your yard that creates the most water runoff. This includes:

  • Downspouts
  • Driveways
  • Low points in your driveway
  • Etc

Once these are identified, we will figure out the best location for your rain garden. Our experts will look for the most natural areas for a rain garden (unless you prefer another area). We will also ensure that your garden is far enough away from your home to prevent damage to the foundation.

Selecting the Plants:

Once we have a planned layout for the work, we will select the best plants for your landscape. Growing zones and soils vary from job site to job site, so we will need to analyze your yard to decide what plants work best. We will make our suggestions based on what colors you like, and what plants we know will thrive in your soil composition. Once we have your approval we will begin the work.

Rain garden flower from Hendersonville job siteDigging the Garden:

When the planning and plant selection has been completed, our experts will begin the process of digging the garden. First and foremost, this includes finding the best way to move the water from the major runoff areas. This will typically include our specialists creating the slope necessary to move the water from these areas by digging the angle into the yard. Once that is complete we will create runoff lines on the slope. Common methods are underground PVC pipes, decorative rocks, or big river rocks. Our experts will go over the best options with you and work on whatever you approve.

Once this is complete you will have a beautiful water garden that will not only get rid of your water problem but provide beautiful scenery as well.

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Ecoscapes has been installing rain gardens on residential and commercial properties in Brevard, Hendersonville, and the surrounding area for over the past decade. We pride ourselves on our unique drainage solutions and always put the customer first. So much so that we created the Ecoscapes’ Guarantee for all of our projects. Don’t just trust anyone with your water feature, reach out to us today to see how we can create a unique water solution that surpasses all your expectations. Click here to learn more about Ecoscapes.

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