We understand the importance of a beautiful landscape and enriching landscapes is our passion. We want to bring that passion to your Asheville home by transforming your lawn into the landscape of your dreams. If you are interested in redesigning your Asheville property then we ask you to fill out the form to get started. We can’t wait to speak with you to understand your vision, so let’s get started!

Contact us today by phone or form to request a landscape design consultation. Below you can learn about the process we have used to design other Asheville landscapes.

Asheville Landscape DesignDiscussing Your Landscape

To get started, we’ll coordinate with you to discuss your dreams and desires for your landscape. We’ll analyze your site and the opportunity it poses for your landscape. We’ll offer up suggestions that make sense for your particular landscape, including considerations surrounding the views your landscape offers, the position of your home, amount of sunlight, and more. Then, it’s time to hit the drawing board.

Creating a design for Asheville LandscapingDesigning Your Asheville Landscape

It’s our goal to make the most of your property. We specialize in “green” or eco-friendly landscaping, therefore, we work with local plant species that thrive here in Asheville. We can work with your existing landscape and flora, and incorporate a design that makes sense for your site and the grading of your lot. From hardscaping to perennial gardens, the options are limitless with EcoScapes.

If you’re curious about our landscaping design services, our landscape building services, or if you’d like to get started, feel free to get in touch with us! You can also check out our full list of services here!

Learn more about Ecoscapes

Ecoscapes is a landscape company that has been doing business in Asheville, NC for over the past decade. We pride ourselves on the unique landscapes we have designed in Asheville. And we always make sure to put the customer first, which is why we created the Ecoscapes’ Guarantee for all of our projects. Don’t just trust anyone with your Asheville landscape, reach out to us today to see how we can create a unique landscape design that surpasses all your expectations. Click here to learn more about Ecoscapes.

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