Food Forest with ApplesLooking to create something unique with your property? Why not turn your landscape into an edible garden? Edible landscapes are becoming more popular as people start seeing the benefits of growing their own food and becoming more self-sustainable. Why not make your landscape work for you? Contact us by filling out the form to see how we can transform your property into an edible landscape!

Luckily, many residents of Western North Carolina have plenty of land to create unique landscapes, but they often choose to occupy that land with grass, azalea beds, shrubs, and crape myrtles. These plants look great but don’t give you any value. Talk with Ecoscapes to see how we can transform your lawn into a food forest today! Fill out the form now to discuss more with us!


blackberries in an edible landscapeFirst, our Ecoscape experts will identify the location you would like to place your edible landscape. We will walk the property together to get an idea of what you envisioned and offer advice on the best setup for your landscape. Once we have a layout in mind, then we move onto choosing the best types of plants you could include in your edible garden. This is where your food forest will take root!

Selecting the Plants:

Once we have a good idea of the property, we will decide on the best plants for your landscape. These plants will be picked based on your personal preference, landscape restrictions and the 7 layer principle of food forests. With all this in mind, we will create a design that you and your family will love!

Mint plant in edible landscapeWe often build our edible landscapes around the 7 layer principle, but we do not restrict ourselves to this method of self-sufficient gardening. It just depends on customer preference. The 7 layers principle is designed around the plant types below:

  1. Canopy (Large Fruit & Nut Trees)
  2. Low Tree Layer (Dwarf Fruit Trees)
  3. Shrub Layer (Currants & Berries)
  4. Herbaceous (Comfreys, Beets, Herbs)
  5. Rhizosphere (Root Vegetables)
  6. Soil Surface (Ground Cover, Strawberry, etc)
  7. Vertical Layer (Climbers, Vines)

The reason we focus on this 7 layer principle is to allow for the natural life cycles of our ecosystem to take place and thrive. This keeps you from tilling the property, which preserves the natural soil structure, allowing little microbes and soil critters to do their jobs, cycling nutrients and maintain fertility. This 7 layer design creates a self-maintaining, highly sustainable system.

There are a wide variety of plants we can choose from and we can discuss those with you during our initial conversation. Once we choose the plants, we can move onto laying out your food forest using the 7 layer principle or an alternate design you prefer.

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Ecoscapes has been creating edible landscapes on residential and commercial properties in Brevard, Hendersonville and the surrounding area for over the past decade. We pride ourselves on our unique landscape solutions and always put the customer first. So much so that we created the Ecoscapes’ Guarantee for all of our projects. Don’t just trust anyone with your edible landscape, reach out to us today to see how we can create a unique water solution that surpasses all your expectations. Click here to learn more about Ecoscapes.

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