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Looking to expand your garden using perennial plants? Whether you are expanding a current garden or starting one from scratch, perennials will help your garden stand out. Contact Ecoscapes to see how we can use our landscaping expertise to plan, plant, and provide a cultivation plan for your landscape. Once we are done, you will be left with a garden featuring a diverse array of striking perennials. Fill out the form now to request a consultation. We serve Brevard, Hendersonville and the surrounding area.

Planning and Site Preparation for Perennials

First, we will help you pick out the colors and types of plants you envisioned. Choosing from the wide array of colors and plant types can be a daunting task. Not sure where to begin? No Problem! Ecoscapes help guide you through the process with recommendations on what plants will best fit your budget and garden needs.

one perennial flowerSecond, we put together a design plan for where to plant the perennials. Our landscaping experts will find the best soil areas where the perennials will thrive and add beauty to your lawn. This includes:

  • Measuring out the areas of planting
  • Choosing areas which will get the best sunlight
  • Remove any weeds or vegetation in the way
  • Addressing irrigation and watering needs

Depending on the size of your garden, this can be a complicated task. Let us use our expertise to guide you and make quality recommendations that will maximize the flow of your garden and the longevity of your plants. We will walk you through the process and ensure that the plan we come up with meets your approval.

Planting and cultivation

Once we have your approval for design, we will begin the planting process. Our experts will go off your design and do the little things that ensure your garden flows the way you want and promotes healthy long lasting plants. This includes:

  • Digging the correct size holes depending on plant needs
  • Ensuring soil quality and irrigation needs
  • Watering and refilling your plants.

perennial garden with water feature

Once Ecoscapes has finished the actual planting we will go over a cultivation plan for each of your plant varieties. We will ensure you understand the watering needs, soil maintenance, and pruning/weeding needs to promote healthy, long-term beauty in your garden.

We can’t wait to meet with you to discuss your vision of a beautiful and healthy perennial garden. However big or small your project, we will dedicate ourselves to meeting your expectations and creating a garden that the neighbors envy!

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Ecoscapes is a plant landscape company that has been doing business in the Asheville, Brevard, and Hendersonville area for over the past decade. We pride ourselves on our unique perennial solutions and always put the customer first. So much so that we created the Ecoscapes’ Guarantee for all of our projects. Don’t just trust anyone with your landscape, reach out to us today to see how we can create a unique perennial garden that surpasses all your expectations. Click here to learn more about Ecoscapes.

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