plant installation servicesChoosing the right plants and installing them in the right locations correctly can be difficult without the right tools and know-how. Which is why you should consider a professional to handle your planting needs!

EcoScapes offers a complete package of planting services that will turn your lawn into the talk of the neighborhood. Speak with us today and learn how our specialty landscape design and installation services can improve your lawn. We can also maintain your plants or provide instructions to ensure optimal plant development.

Our services include: plant installation, landscape design, plant maintenance, bush/shrub installation, native plant landscaping, and low maintenance plant installs. We serve Brevard, Hendersonville, and the surrounding locations.

Plant Installation Service

We understand what elements are important to creating a beautiful lawn. We offer a full-line of plant installations and we can install any type of plant you desire. Below is a list of common installs we complete:

landscape planting design

  • Shrub or bush installation & maintenance
  • Hedge installation & maintenance
  • Native plant installation
  • Low maintenance plant installations (bushes, perennials, etc)
  • Perennial installation
  • And much more!

Looking for a unique design? We can also provide landscape designs around your plants to improve aesthetics. Contact us today to talk more about our planting services for Brevard, Hendersonville, and surrounding areas.

Shrubs, Bushes, & Perennial Installation

Planting bushes and flowers in your yard is more than a simple science. There are numerous things to consider when incorporating flowers into your landscape. Whether you’re starting from scratch or working with an existing landscape, a good design addresses a variety of issues including: watering and irrigation, shade and sunlight, the flow and utilization of your landscape, and the aesthetics of your landscape. Learn more about our landscaping design services below.

evergreen hedge installationHedge Installation & Maintenance

Whether you are installing a hedge for privacy, aesthetics, or to create a natural fence, we can help you design a unique look that will beautify your lawn. Proper hedge installation requires a plan to keep your hedges from growing in crooked or disproportionate. Along with a landscape design, we can help you select the appropriate type of hedge to match your lawn.

We also provide hedge maintenance services. Perfectly trimmed hedges offer a great first impression and can really make or break your lawn.

Plant Removal

Need a lot cleared? We can remove any unwanted plants from your lawn. Don’t let a dead or ugly plant take away from the beauty of your lawn. Call us today to request our plant removal services.

Plant Landscape Design

Installing plants into your landscape takes a plan. There are numerous things you must address when incorporating flowers or bushes. Whether you’re starting with an empty lot or working with an existing landscape, a good landscape design addresses a variety of issues, including shade and sunlight, watering and irrigation, the flow of your landscape, and the aesthetics of your lawn. Learn more about the different aspects you need to take into consideration.

Watering & Irrigation

Irrigating your landscape is a must! Planning the irrigation of your landscape ahead of time ensures that all of your plants receive sufficient water to survive and thrive. Some plants require more water than others, while some can live without water for weeks on end. Here at EcoScapes, we take watering and irrigation into account when designing your landscape.

Shade & Sunlight

plant landscaping servicesYou must place plants strategically to ensure that they receive enough sunlight to survive. You wouldn’t want to plant a shrub that requires full sunlight directly under a shade tree. When it comes to shade and sunlight, we plan accordingly.

Flow & Use of Landscape

Do you entertain guests often? Do you have animals? Are you working with a small yard or several acres of space? All of these questions can come into play when establishing your landscape design. If for instance, it’s crucial that your dogs have plenty of space to run, you wouldn’t want to choke your landscape with a flurry of bushes and flowers. Take some time to consider the purpose of your landscape and the activities that you’d like to enjoy, then let’s incorporate this purpose in your landscape design.


Aesthetics will always play a huge role in the design of your landscape and the implementation of plants. Our landscape design services are our bread and butter and we’ll work with you to determine your preferences, and create a design that can work with your existing landscape. We can coordinate tree colors, shapes, patterns, and other factors to determine the perfect aesthetic for your plot of land. Learn more about our services by contacting us.

Learn more about Ecoscapes

Ecoscapes is a plant landscape company that has been doing business in the Asheville, Brevard, and Hendersonville area for over the past decade. We pride ourselves on our unique plant solutions and always put the customer first. So much so that we created the Ecoscapes’ Guarantee for all of our projects. Don’t just trust anyone with your landscape, reach out to us today to see how we can create a unique landscape design that surpasses all your expectations. Click here to learn more about Ecoscapes.

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