With sod, you can go from a barren landscape to a full lawn in a matter of hours. Here at Eco Scapes, we specialize in planning sod lawns, irrigation for lawns, light grading, and of course, laying sod. Let’s take a look at our individual sodding services:


Proper implementation of a lawn takes some serious planning. It’s important to map out sprinkler head placement, irrigation zoning, and other landscape implements when planning your lawn. We’ll take into consideration existing landscaping, the grade (or sloping) of your landscape, its natural drainage, and how much sunlight it will receive. We’ll work with you to formulate a plan that makes sense for your unique landscape.


Once we’ve settled on a plan for your lawn, we’ll begin irrigation. In-ground sprinklers can be built into the landscape to water your lawn. We can dig troughs, build a manifold, set up watering zones (to ensure that there’s sufficient pressure for all of your landscape), install sprinkler heads, and test their coverage. Once irrigation is in place, it’s on to regrading your landscape and adding topsoil (if the soil isn’t healthy enough to support grass).

Grading & Topsoil

First things first, we’ll backfill the troughs we dug to install a sprinkler system. Then, when required, we can provide light grading to your lawn to make sure that the yard is free from major swales, free from rocks, and free from areas that could cause water to pool. If you have poor-quality dirt throughout your landscape, we can implement a layer of topsoil to give your sod a good start. We use topsoil that is full of nutrients that improve grass health.


sod installationFinally, we’ll place sod on your landscape. We can lay sod in any shape, using sod cutters to shape rectangular sod sheets to meet the curves and lines of your intended lawn plan. Laying sod is actually a speedy process. We can usually sod a full lawn in a day or two. We strive to lay sod strips without overlap (which can lead to bunched up patches of grass), and without gaps between the sod strips (which can damage the sod and leave your lawn with divots). Once your lawn is laid, we’ll give it a nice dose of water to settle the grass and encourage root growth.

Maintaining Your Lawn

The first month of lawn maintenance is extremely important. Newly laid lawns need to be watered regularly. Since it hasn’t fully settled and integrated into the layer of soil beneath the grass, new sod can dry out quickly.

On the first day, you’ll likely have to water your lawn two or three times. Make sure that the sod is soaked through to the subsoil. You can check your sod by lifting up an edge. If you see pooling water, you’ve already watered plenty. Water for about half of an hour at a time.

For the following week, keep a keen eye on your lawn. Make sure that it gets plenty of water; again, you can check the subsoil to make sure that it’s getting water. Keep from over-watering your lawn. Don’t let water pool. If you make a big imprint when you step on your lawn, it’s too wet. Slowly dial back how much water you use for the first week.

At about a week, your soil should be well watered, and you can cut watering to about once per week (depending on the weather and sun conditions). Overwatered grass can actually die off at this point, because the roots cannot grow in soil that is waterlogged.

You can mow your grass after about a month, or if your grass is over 3 inches in length. Make sure the soil isn’t compressing as you walk over it, and make sure that the lawn is dry as you mow. If your mower is tearing into your grass, stop. Wait until the grass has more time to dry and the roots have more time to attach to subsoil.

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