We believe that helping create a sustainable earth is important to each and every person on the planet. That’s why we focus on incorporating sustainability and functionality in all of our landscapes. We encourage all of our clients to choose the “Green Lifestyle” as we design their lawn. Contact us today to discuss ecologically friendly options for your landscape.

Below are some great ways you can choose to Go Green with Landscaping

evergreen hedge installation

Native Planting

Native plants are a great way to go green as they are already used to the pests, diseases, and the current environment of Western North Carolina. Planting native plants with cause less maintenance. Less maintenance leads to fewer chemicals ending up on your lawn and in our water!

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are perfect for slowing down runoff from roofs, driveways, parking lots & more. By slowing this process, you allow the water to cool before entering streams and rivers. This is important because hot run off can easily damage ecosystems because they are not used to the hot water.

Don’t forget, they can also add curb appeal to your landscape.

Water Harvesting

This is a great way to conserve and reuse water for irrigation (Rain Barrels).

Strategic Planting

Planting different trees on your residential or commercial property can help you save money every month on your power bill.

During the summer, deciduous trees can be used to shade your home and thus keep it cool.

During the winter, evergreen trees can help block cold winter winds, which can help keep your house warmer. Deciduous trees can also help you during the winter by allowing the sun to hit your home and warm it up.

Organic Amendments

Use non-petroleum based amendments to feed soil, lawns, and plants.

Retaining Walls

Installing a retaining wall can help control erosion and create more space.


Mulch can be used to create topsoil, prevent weed penetration, and help retain moisture for less watering.

We love the beauty of Western North Carolina and we strive to keep it that way. That’s why Ecoscapes continues to learn and refine our own green practices to help reduce our carbon footprint, as we expand our Green Services.

Ready to go Green? Contact us today!